Clinical radiochemist

NKRV and DNV GL have together developed a package of competencies for clinical radiochemists, based on which candidates can apply for a nationally recognised certificate.

The idea behind this certificate is to sustain the quality of clinical radiochemists and to support development in this field. The tasks of clinical radiochemist are among others: the development of new radiopharmaceuticals through research and their implementation in the clinic, as well as the improvement of production processes of radiopharmaceuticals. The clinical radiochemist works hand in hand with the hospital pharmacist who is the lawful responsible for the implementation of new radiopharmaceuticals or changes in the production process.

In order to obtain such a certificate the clinical radiochemist needs to fulfil certain requirements. For instance, the candidate should have knowledge on radiochemistry, organic chemistry, coordination chemistry, safety analysis of GMP quality and so on.

The full list of competencies, as well as the application procedure can be found on the website of DNV GL. The costs of the exam necessary for obtaining the certificate are 2350 euro (excl. VAT).

Important documents:

Position paper clinical radiochemist

Competences clinical radiochemist