Travel Grants

The NKRV sponsors the attendance of PhD students, post-docs, and technicians who are member of the NKRV to radiochemistry conferences. A maximum of 500 euro can be requested per PhD student/post-doc/technician per year. You can apply at time of submission of the abstract. If you already received a travel grant for the conference, your will not be eligible. In addition, a person can request a NKRV travel grant once every 3 years. To apply for the NKRV travel grant, please fill in the application form and include the following 1) a proof of abstract submission, 2) a letter from your supervisor stating that you are a PhD candidate, post-doc, or technician, 3) registration form for the conference including proof of payment and 4) proof of travel expenses (tickets, hotel) including proof of payment. The application form should be sent to