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The NKRV regularly organises various courses. All new courses are announced by the NKRV secretary and posted here as well. These courses are announced below (see also link)

Course 18F chemistry April 23-24, 2020

Location: Tracer Center Amsterdam (TCA), VUmc Amsterdam

Teachers: Prof.dr. P.H. Elsinga and Prof.dr. A.D. Windhorst


Day 1.

10.00u Production of fluor-18 11.00u Organic chemistry

Nucleophilic substitutions

Nucleophilic fluorinations 11.30u Lunch

13.00u Practical aspects Fluoride work-up

Automation Fluorination reactions Analyses

15.00u Introduction to hands-on tomorrow 16.00u End of day1

Day 2.

09.00u hands-on (4 groups of 2 persons): Influence of the solvent

(Bert Windhorst) (Philip Elsinga)

(Bert Windhorst and Philip Elsinga)

Influence of the amount of precursor
Influence of the position of the electron withdrawing group Influence of different para positioned substituents.

12.00u Lunch
13.00u Analysis of results
14.00u Presentations and group discussion of the results 16.00u End of the training

Costs for participation are 100 euro, including study material. These costs have to be paid to the NKRV before the start of the course. An invoice will be send.