Welcome to the website of the NKRV

NKRV is an abbreviation of the ‘Nederlands Klinische Radiochemische Vereniging’ which can be translated as the Dutch Society for Clinical Radiochemistry. The mission of NKRV is to stimulate research and education in radio(pharmaceutical)-chemistry  as wel as the application of radiopharmaceuticals in the clinic. The NKRV achieves this by:

  • Stimulation of knowledge exchange and brainstorm events on radio(pharmaceutical) topics
  • Support in organizing  professional education programs for chemists, pharmacists, biologists, medical doctors, physicists and other professionals
  • Spreading information about radio(pharmaceutical) chemistry science
  • Initiating and stimulating educational programs in  radio(pharmaceutical) chemistry which can be embedded in existing bachelor and master programs

The target audience of the NKRV are professionals from different disciplines which are involved in the development and application of radiopharmaceuticals in research, health sector or industry.

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